Dine In Menu

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Daily Specials

Monday & Tuesday - Pork Ribs 

Slaw and choice of two vegetables 
Friday - Beef Ribs 

Choice of two vegetables and slaw 
Thursday & Sunday - Chicken Pastry

Grandma is in the kitchen! Choice of two vegetables 
Wednesday & Saturday - Pork Chop Dinner

Two chops (5oz each) fried or bbq with choice of two vegetables 
Fish Fry Fryday (11am - 3pm) 

One piece of fried flounder with choice of two vegetables 
Monday - Hamburger Steak Dinner

1/2lb hand pattied steak (precook weight) 

Family Style 

While dining in, you can enjoy all you can eat family style with parties as small as one. Our only request is that the entire table partake in family style and there are no doggie bags. 
BBQ, Fried Chicken (mixed only), hushpuppies, cornsticks, slaw 

Choice of two vegetables
adults: 11 and up $14.99
children: 3 - 10 years $9.19
children: 2 years and under free
all white meat: add $1.19 per person
Shrimp, Oysters, Flounder, Trout or Catfish

Choose up to three
adults: 11 and up $19.99
children: 3-10 years $10.39
children: 2 years and under free
add pork ribs: Monday/Tuesday $4.49/person
add chicken pastry: Sunday/Thursday $3.89/person
each additional vegetable: $1.19/person 

More Good Stuff

Best Barbecue Sandwich

5 oz serving made fresh daily

Hand battered just like all of our chicken
Chicken Pastry Bowl (Small) 

The Best Around (Thursday and Sunday)
Large: $4.99

Golden Fried Perfection 
Drumstick or Thigh

Golden Fried Perfection
Baked Potato 

(Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
with sour cream and butter 
Brunswick Stew

Traditional and Tasty
Large $5.49
Other Veggies 

Your mom said you should eat them 
French Fries or Fried Okra

Golden and delicious - large portion
Boiled Potatoes 

Hand cut, made fresh
Mac N' Cheese

Creamy and golden - Friday's only
Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet & tasty
Potato Salad 

Southern Style with egg

Made right here, every day! 

Made fresh - country style

Our Specialties 

Dinners include choice of 2 vegetables, and All-You-Can-Eat Clowslaw, Hushpuppies, Cornsticks or Rolls
Barbecue Plate 

Slaw & hushpuppies (only large) 
Small $10.29

Barbecue Dinner 

Enough to fill your tummy! - large
Small $10.29

Combination Dinner

Combination of BBQ pork and white or dark fried chicken
Fried Chicken Dinner (2 pieces)  

All all white meat to 4 piece mix for $0.75
4 Piece $11.99
BBQ'D Chicken Dinner (1/4)

All white meat add &0.75
(1/2) $11.99
Chicken Gizzard Dinner

Generous Serving
Chicken Liver Dinner 

Add caramelized onions and gravy for $0.25
Hamburger Steak Dinner

1/2lb Hand pattied steak
(precooked weight) 
Vegetable Dinner

Choice of three vegetables 

Everyday Vegetables 

Seasoned Just Right:

Brunswick Stew Boiled Potatoes, Green Beans,
Sweet Potato Fries Fried Okra
Potato Salad
French Fries Coleslaw 

Butter Beans 

Black eyed peas

Mashed Potatoes
Buttered Corn


Macaroni & Cheese
Turnip Greens
Baked Potato

Lima Beans
Baked Potato

Baked Potato 

Seafood Dinners

Hand Breaded and Cooked Fresh to Order
Includes Slaw, Hushpuppies, Cornsticks or Rolls, and a choice of one vegetable
Shrimp Dinner (Small)

Folks come from the coast for this! 
Large $14.59
Fillet of Flounder (Small)  

Tender, flaky fillets 
Large $12.89
Fillet of Trout (Small) 

Tastes so good! 
Large $11.89
Catfish Dinner (Small) 

A southern tradition 
Large $12.49
Seafood Platter (Small) 

Choice of Two or Three 
Large $16.99
Oyster Dinner 

Tender, delicious and succulent 
Oyster Stew (Small)

Really Good! 
Large $15.99


Sweet Treats to Hit That Sweet Spot! 
Homemade Banana Pudding 

Creamy and delicious 
Homemade Peach Cobbler 


Best Barbecue Sandwich 

with or without slaw 
Fish Sandwich 

Flounder, trout, or catfish 
Shrimp Burger

with or without slaw 
Oyster Burger

Tender and succulent 


Coffee or Iced Tea 

free refills 
Soft Drinks
Coca Cola Products
free refills 

Kids Menu 

Kids eat free on Monday nights after 5pm (with adult purchase) 3-10 years old DINE IN ONLY
We offer applesauce with our kids meals as a healthy option. Kids meals includes choice of beverage 
Chicken Strips 

includes slaw and choice of one vegetable 
Corn Dogs 

includes slaw and choice of one vegetable 
Golden Fried Shrimp Dinner

includes slaw and choice of one vegetable 
Barbecue Dinner 

includes slaw and choice of two vegetables 
Chicken Leg Dinner 

includes slaw and choice of two vegetables 
Combination Dinner BBQ Pork and Leg or Thigh

includes slaw and choice of two vegetables 
Light and Flaky Flounder Dinner 

includes slaw and choice of one vegetable